Mini Printer voor Mobiel – Fotoprinter voor Smartphone – Mini Pocket Printer – Mini Printer Incl.1 Harde Etui + 10 Rollen Papier(Normaal) + 5 Pennen – Pocket Printer Smartphone – Sticker Printer – Fotoprinter Mobiel (9686667457961)

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What are you buying? A pocket-sized and Lightweight Mini Printer for Mobile Use, ideal for home, work and perfect as a Christmas gift. This inkless black and white Photo Printer for Smartphone can be used to print checklists during a meeting or for shopping lists. With the ‘ Fun Print’ app , available on Google Play and the Apple Store , you can print stickers and notes to cut and paste!
Features of the Mini Pocket Printer: Wireless : With the wireless Pocket Printer you can print from anywhere with your phone, without the need for cables.
Free multi-function app : the mini printer has a completely free app that allows you to print images, text and web pages.
Free digital gift : With the Printer sticker we offer every buyer a digital gift with which you can become a member of our creators club. This gives you access to a large amount of Stickers Kids, with which you can make your child and your family happy. It is also perfect to use as Sticky Notes ;
Ink-free efficiency : The Mini Pocket Printer does not require ink to print, but works with thermal paper.
2 Year Warranty : We provide a 2 year warranty for the mini printer.
Hard Case Packaging : We ensure maximum safety for the mini printer with our packaging even before it arrives at your home.
Reinforced battery: the mini printer can print continuously for 1 to 2 hours.
Possibilities of use of the mini printer: Sticker Printer : prints stickers and offers the option of coloring with the supplied pen.
Checklist Printer : Prints checklists for grocery shopping.
Photo printer : print images for pleasure ( black and white ).
Note Printer : Prints notes for school or work.
Use your imagination to make the Photo Printer for Smartphone even more fun.
Specifications of the Mini Printer for Mobile: Dimensions : 8.0 cm x 8.0 cm x 3.5 cm
App: Fun Print (ios & android)
Printer type: Thermal printer
Ink: Inkless
Our packaging contains: High-quality mini printer
5 rolls of self-adhesive paper
5 rolls of white paper
5 color pens
3 rolls of colored paper
Hard case
USB type C cable for charging
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Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. (EAN: 9686667457961)



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