DSM Novamid® AM1030 FR (F) Natural 1.75 / 1000 – 8720039151260 – 3D Print Filament (8720039151260)

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Novamid® AM1030 FR
Novamid® AM1030 FR is a UL Blue Card certified, non-halogenated, environmentally friendly, open platform solution for applications requiring flame retardancy as a regulatory requirement.
Engineering grade PA6/66 filament
For Fused Deposition Modelling/Fused Filament Fabrication 3D printing
Novamid AM1030 FR
Printing a part that requires flame retardancy on an open system has often meant having to turn to materials that were overspecified for the application, simply because no alternatives.
DSM now has a solution: Novamid® AM1030 FR, the first ever UL Blue Card certified PA6/66 filament for open systems. Now applications can be printed that require UL certification on flammability, such as enclosures for electric or lighting applications, connectors and more. UL’s Blue Card program is specially developed for certification of materials for additive manufacturing. Novamid® AM1030 FR is completely halogen-free, making it environmentally friendly. (EAN: 8720039151260)



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