colorFabb PA BLAUW METAAL DETECTEERBAAR 2.85 / 750 – 8720039155985 – 3D Print Filament (8720039155985)

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To assist the food processing industry with the best 3D printing filament possible we developed a blue colored polyamide which is also metal detectable.
Visual contrast is key. Blue is chosen as a common color for plastic materials in the food processing industry because it offers high visual contrast against most food products. This makes it easier for workers and vison systems to detect any plastic fragments that may accidently contaminate the food product during processing.
Additionally our filament is metal detectable to minimize the risk of product contamination. Any plastic fragment which may accidently contaminate the food during the processing can be detected down-stream with metal detectors.
Disclaimer:Please be advised that the metal particles integrated into our product are designed for detection by specialized metal detection equipment used in the food industry. Standard household magnets or basic metal detectors may not reliably detect these particles. Our materials are optimized for advanced metal detection systems like electromagnetic induction and X-ray inspection. For accurate detection, we recommend using appropriate equipment designed for the food processing environment. (EAN: 8720039155985)



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