colorFabb LW-PLA-HT DONKERGRIJS 2.85 / 2200 – 8720039154124 – 3D Print Filament (8720039154124)

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Meet our new generation LW-PLA-HT Dark. This formulation features an increased temperature resistance compared to our generic LW-PLA.
Thin printed structures will be able to handle heat from external sources such as the sun much better and prolong the time until failure. Not convinced? Check out our comparison video in the image gallery between regular LW-PLA and LW-PLA-HT.
Our LW-PLA-HT is the best filament for printing RC Planes, Cosplay and other light weight items. Parts are feather light, yet retain good strength and are easy to cut, trim and sand.
Read our tutorial: Upgrading from LW-PLA to LW-PLA-HT, what you need to know.
Watch this video: Video CNC kitchen (EAN: 8720039154124)



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